Tree Services in Aberdeen

Our team has extensive experience in pruning, trimming, tree cutting and removing all types of trees from the smallest hedge to very large hard woods.

As much of our work is conducted within built up areas we pay particular attention to performing a safe job and ensuring your property is left in excellent condition.

Tree Cutting Aberdeen

Tree Pruning, Shaping or Complete Removal

Whether to make the garden look more appealing or just to let some more light in to enjoy our rare BBQ weather, we can take off the smallest amount from the top of the foliage to removing the tree completely and everything in between. If you are unsure of what to take off, our knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on what may be the best options to suit your specific conditions.

Crown Thinning and Crown Lifting Services in Aberdeen

Thinning is where the tree is reduced of its smaller branches within the crown so as not to reduce the overall shape of the tree. This is performed to reduce its weight and resistance to wind whilst keeping the overall size. Crown lifting is the process of removing the lowest branches of the tree to increase light and access around this area.

Hedge Trimming, Topping or Complete Removal

These practices can be performed on all types and sizes of hedges including privet, beech and leylandii.

Stump Grinding and Root Removal

This can be conducted with hand tools or the use of a stump grinding machine depending on accessibility. In either case the majority of the stump and root structure will be removed and the hole backfilled.

Tree Felling in Aberdeen

This is possible in open areas or where space allows the tree to be felled in a safe and clear direction.

Dangerous or Damaged Tree and Dead Wood Removal

When trees become storm damaged or die through any number of causes, including disease, the tendency for them to become a danger to the public and your property certainly increases. We have a wealth of knowledge in this area and are on hand to advise and perform a suitable course of action to make your trees safe to live under.

Wood Chip Laying

Wood chips are a great way to cover a garden area or path. Not only do they look good but are more cost effective, weed resistant and softer than alternative ground coverings, for children and adults alike. We are able to provide this service and with our own wood chipper to hand, have access to any quantity you may need.

If you think that your garden could use some or all of the above services then please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Images of some of our tree work can be found in our gallery.